Why Does Everything Move Around?

Note: This documentation refers to the Beta version of Kite9 at http://kite9.com

When you place new elements into your diagram, Kite9 will automatically try to layout your diagram as best it can to accommodate the changes. 


The idea behind Kite9 is that diagram layout is a job best done for the computer.  

But, how can I control where things go? 


Kite9 allows you to define how elements in the diagram are positioned relative to one another.  You can do this with:

  • Container Layouts
  • Directed links
  • Aligning Elements

But This is Really Confusing!

Sometimes, it can be.  But, try and get used to it.  Why not spend a bit of time trying to break Kite9, or playing with how it works?  It’s actually quite fun.

Also, think of the effort you are saving:  no more having to change the shape of boxes so that they are the right size to hold their text.  No more having to select elements and re-align them if the diagram changes.

Once you get used to it, it will massively speed up your work, and open doors to some really impressive possibilities.