How Do I Tell If A Link Has A Direction Set?

Note: This documentation refers to the Beta version of Kite9 at

Links on your diagrams can either have a fixed direction (e.g. UP to DOWN, or LEFT to RIGHT) or be free to choose their own direction.

Links that are added by auto-connect have a fixed direction.  

Links that you draw on yourself are free.

You can check this on a link by clicking the link and checking the direction icon.  The one below is UP/DOWN: 

Whereas this one is LEFT/RIGHT:

And this one is not fixed, as indicated by the wiggly arrow:

When the arrow is shown in red, this means that the direction is set, but it causes a contradiction on the diagram.  That is, there is another link direction or layout which is overruling it:

The best approach is to move the elements of the diagram around to fix the contradictions.  

In the case of a contradiction, usually, the link directions you set last will overrule earlier ones.