How Do I Link To A Diagram?

Note: This documentation refers to the Beta version of Kite9 at

Once you are happy with a diagram you’ve been working on, you can publish it for the world to enjoy.  

This means is that the diagram will be available at a given URL (Web Address) for people to access.  

There are two types of publication available in Kite9, and you’ll need to choose which sort you want up front:

  • FIXED:  This means that the publication has a version number (starting with version 1).  You’ll never be able to change version 1 again, but you will be able to publish subsequent versions of the diagram.
  • ROLLING: This means that you will be able to update the publication as you go along.  People visiting the diagram will see changes you make.

It is possible to have several different publications (of different types) for a given diagram.

From your Diagram Settings page, click on Publications then New Publication.  You will need to fill in the form:

The stub is a few short characters which will be used in the URL (you can leave this blank and one will be generated for you).

One you click “create”, a page will appear containing the details of your publication.  At the bottom of the page, there is a URL for the diagram which you can share with others. 

There are also buttons on the navigator to shortcut sharing on Facebook or Twitter.