How Do I Link Parts On A Diagram?

Note: This documentation refers to the Beta version of Kite9 at

It is easy to link up parts of a Kite9 diagram.  First, click the “link” button on the menubar:


Then, hover the mouse over the part you want to link from.   If the part supports linking, it will be highlighted, like the “4” part here:

Then, drag to where you want the link to connect to (in the picture below, the “2” part):

When you let go, Kite9 will re-arrange the elements of your diagram to:

  • Minimize crossings of links
  • Minimize distance of the links
  • Tidy up the layout so links go in straight lines

Like so:

Once you have created some links on your diagram, you can:

  • Experiment by labelling the ends of the links.
  • Changing the colour or line-style of the link.
  • Changing the shape of the link’s terminators.
  • Force a link to go in a particular direction.