Can I Share Diagrams?

Note: This documentation refers to the Beta version of Kite9 at

Once you have created a project (and added some diagrams to it), you will be able to share all of the diagrams in the project with collaborators. 

Click on the Members button on the left side of the project screen, and you will be able to see who your project is currently shared with.

There are three “roles” within a project:

  • Member:  A project member can make changes to the diagrams, add new diagrams and publish diagrams.
  • Viewer:  A viewer can’t make any changes to a project, but can view the diagrams within it.
  • Admin:  As with member, but can also make changes to the membership of the project

To add a new member to the project, you just need an email address for the member.  Click the “Invite Member” button and fill out the form below:

The added user will receive an email telling them that they have a new project in Kite9 to collaborate on.